Sweat a lot?

The Wristy is a highly absorbent, sweat wicking towel that wraps around your wrist. It features an innovative design with a fold-out pocket that fits over your hand to allow you to easily wipe off sweat while on the go. Great for running, yoga jump4loves.com and other athletic activities, the Wristy goes wherever you go.

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Sweat-absorbing wrist towel

Watch this video for a short introduction to the wristy, sweat-absorbing wrist towel:

Superior sweat-wicking properties

The wristy is made from a highly absorbent, sweat-wicking material. Additionally it is lightweight, quick-drying, and machine washable. The wristy is patent pending.

The only sweatband you will want to wear

The wristy has many applications and you will want to wear it everywhere. It can be looped around belts, hip and back-packs, used to wipe children’s faces. Wear it while you are cooking, gardening, hiking, biking, golfing, playing tennis, riding horses, strength training, traveling, city walking, out with your pet, power-walking, playing any sport. Tie two together to make a scarf when it’s cold. Wipe sweat or blow snot rockets, use as a napkin when you need one… send us a message and tell us how you like to use your wristy!

Sweaty wristy wearer testimonials

  • “I wanted to let you know that I have been loving your wrist towel!! I wear it all the time during my hot yoga classes. I like the fabric and functionality of it. It’s simple yet effective.”
  • “The towel is very well made from the perfect material. Because of the way it is designed, it is ALWAYS handy. GREAT JOB!”
  • “I use the towel while running. I plan on bringing it with me to a camping trip in Yosemite in July”